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Tall candle spherical

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A wonderful candle from Lemp’s own selection!

The black balls on a white background bring fun and are suitable for many types of interior decoration.

Height 23 cm

Burning time more than 20 hours

Color: white

Burning candles must be kept out of the reach of children and pets, a burning candle must not be moved, a burning candle must be placed on a non-burning surface, candles must not be placed in a drafty place, a burning candle must be placed at a sufficient distance from combustible materials, matches or other extra objects must not be dropped on the candle, a burning candle must not be left unattended, shorten the wick so that the candle does not smoke, always extinguish by suffocating, the candle can drip and splash, the distance between the candles must be at least 10 cm.


Note that the candle cannot fall over.


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