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Dishcloth – Willies

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My favorite dish towel with MAISTUISKO PIPARI print – what a wonderful take away and gift idea.

Cheer yourself up or a friend, bring joy and laughter with a little memory.


What a wonderful way to brighten up everyday life, everyday chores and cleaning day.

You can wash and use again and again.

A perfect little gift and send instead of a card.

Did you know that with one dish towel you can replace up to 20 disposable paper towels? Environmentally friendly kitchen towels are made of cellulose fiber from FSC-certified forests and Indian waste cotton. The towels are printed on a waterless printing line, with environmentally friendly colors. After their long life cycle, the products can be disposed of as bio-waste, in which case new growth energy is generated from them.

This cellulose fiber cleaning cloth is made from Norwegian FSC-certified and the world’s purest cellulose. Indian cotton fiber has been included, which is waste, i.e. fibers too short to be used in the production of cotton yarn.

A natural fiber kitchen towel, like a dishcloth, is a product with a long life cycle: It can withstand use, it can be washed, boiled, rinsed and used again and again. Finally, the product can be disposed of as bio-waste. The best and most environmentally friendly way to wash and freshen a cloth: Place the kitchen cloth wide in the sink. Sprinkle soda on top, add a small amount of clear food vinegar and let it bubble. When the foaming stops, rinse with cool water and hang to dry. The scent is fresh to wear again.

The best tip for disposal is to wrap a damp kitchen towel or dishcloth around a store-bought fresh herb growing in soil or a rhizome in a flower pot and replant the herb or flower in a breathable pot. In this way, the cloth maintains even moisture and helps the growth process when it is planted. The material will completely settle in 24 weeks. The dishcloth therefore turns into a new growth energy. Cloths that are no longer in use can also be dug into a flower bed in the garden. When disposing of an end-of-use product in a bio-waste container, it should be chopped into a few smaller pieces to speed up disposal.

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