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A piece of incense


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An incense stick is a small piece of incense designed to be burned in a censer or censer. Incense sticks are available in different scents and are very popular in different cultures around the world.

Incense sticks are used for many different purposes such as meditation, prayer and relaxation. They help to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere and they can also help clean the energy of the room.

The production of incense sticks is usually based on natural ingredients, such as resin, herbs and spices. They do not contain artificial fragrances or other harmful chemicals, so they are safe to use.

Using incense sticks is easy. A piece of incense is lit and then gently blown out. A piece of incense is left to burn in a censer or incense holder, which holds it in place and prevents it from getting too hot.

Burning incense sticks also has cultural meanings. For example, in certain religions, burning incense is a sacred ritual that helps purify spiritual energy and connection to a higher power.

All in all, a stick of incense is an easy and effective way to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere at home or in other spaces. Their versatile scents and cleansing properties make them a popular addition to many people’s everyday lives.

10 chaplets in a box

Burning time about 35-40 minutes

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Vanilla, Coconut


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